My Personal Noise Virus

by A Raja's Mesh Men

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I wrote an initial description for this album that was very long, but I left the third track uploading for very long and the computer crashed and restarted without any of my information. It is successfully lost to the oblivion. It was a load of coffee-nonsense mostly anyway.

Here are some brief, rather braindead, attempts at recapturing something:

This album is a product of my burgeoning and accumulated desire to delve further in to harsh(er) noise music. Experimentation is still a key element, and elements of rhythm and structure also share a brief glimpse, before being choked out, before arising once more, before being choked out again - in layer upon layer, layers of feedbacks, layers of layers - the HNW that is alive. Throbbing with layers. In this album I take considered notions of harsh noise, HNW, experimental out-sounds at large and general sound-art hijinks and attempt to establish a style and theme to what I consider to be my own personal input into this forward progression through space and time, the outward trajectory of noise, it's evolution. I mostly exhibit old forms in new guises, new faces, new dances - I try to latch pieces of subgenre together, to mould a kind of noise that pays the 'correct' proportionate amount to the varieties that influence me. A new variant. An on-going chain piece, just one link among many.

I feel that it is an infinite progression, personally, and I salute noisemakers of the future as I do those of the past. Here is a brief list of artists who have been tremendous amounts of inspiration to me for this album:

Svartvit, Knifedoutofexistence, Cremation Lily, Content Nullity, μ, Clive Henry, Ryan Jordan, Elizabeth Veldon, The Rita, Vomir, Objectum Sexual, Digitally Fuct, Bagman, AM NOT, SHIFT, STAB Electronics, Hal Hutchinson, Cementimental, Legion of Swine, His Namelessness is Legion, Playing With Nuns, Wet Nurse., Unhuman (Gr), Animal Machine (LDN), Non Ferric Memories, Rapesbladder, Soft Daggers, Hive Mind, The Phortect, The Vomit Arsonist, Bizarre Uproar, Brighter Death Now, Black Leather Jesus, Iron Fist of the Sun, BBBlood, Sz. Berlin, A View From Nihil, Distorted Souls Within A Corrupt Vision, Gnashing of Teeth, Gnaw Their Tongues, Prurient, Aaron Dilloway, Marlo Eggplant, FACIALMESS, Infirmary, Crown of Bone, Torturing Nurse, Full of Hell, Drunk in Hell, Cease To Exist, Fennesz, Yellow Swans, Nacht Und Nebel, Ohmu, Genetic Noose, Mutant Ape, H (zamzam), Yebanutsiya Pizdyetz, Dead Wood, Grimalkin555, Asahara, Deathwank, HumanHate666, raxil4, Phantasm Nocturnes, Headcleaner, Mademoiselle Bistouri, Social Drift, Cole Peters, Meatpacker, Genocide Organ, Sudden Infant, Matthias Moos, Daniel Menche, Jim O'Rourke, Ugandan Methods, Scalameriya, Eleh, Wolf Eyes, Steve Roden, Emmanuel Lorien, Matthew Pasternakiewicz, Bleeding Gash, The Grey Wolves, Burning Star Core, Lonesummer, Mats Lindström, Consumer Electronics, ZS, Cattle Mutilation, Genocide Organ, Left Hand Cuts Off The Right, Kenny Love, Vanessa Ern, Mark Wagner, Microdeform, Dan Cooper, STEMCELLRESEARCHPICNICK ...

(probably many more, as well, that don't seem to come to mind at the moment for some reason...)

Okay, so it looks like I'm going on what appears to be an even longer diatribe than the one I originally drafted but lost to the oblivion as a result of my own carelessness. HNW is failure and futility and I have the wreak of it right here, in the immediacy of my figurative nostrils. For me, this album is about being jacked up on coffee all day, spending all morning and all evening on the night before All Hallow's Eve stuck on noise. Creating wall noise can be incredibly addicting, that immersion you experience can be cathartic, more-so for me when I choose to define the parameters of these walls to be so full with movement, with life.

I'm the noise-fiend on that coffee-buzz. Brain melting slowly, noise invading my veins. I am convinced that I can find my Soniferous Garden of Noise. This album attempts to emulate my physical and emotional journey towards it. Chronicling the adventures, the movements, the experience. The journey to this realm, and the journeys to be had once the realm has been reached. I hope to push at boundaries and to question pre-conceived ideas and assumptions. I have begun building on an aesthetic that I hope to closely refine and sculpt into a style, a theme, a harbinger, a motif. Futility in life is anthropomorphised audio when we reach the summit of the living and breathing HNW.

"A lighthouse in a sea of undulating tones. The beacon in the dark noise-spaces between worlds." [ Noisemonger Lyd ] [on A Raja's Mesh Men]

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"21. KayaXiali
My 3 year old was laying on my chest a few weeks ago and she said “I can hear your heart, Mommy. It was much louder when I was inside there with the poops that didn’t come out yet”."
[insert] </> Random Piece of Internet <\> [insert]

Essayist noise experiences. I would strongly recommend that as you sit and listen, sit and experience, sit and suffer through this release that you begin to draft your response. Until then you are the 'archetypal anonymous audience member' that has had no specific mould created for them to slide into. These pieces are personal. Writing to me about my noise is one of the quickest shortcuts to my respect and admiration, and I do not base this in any noise-ego. All hail the noise-ego death. Self-irony is very present in noise music. Russolo & Nihilism. Need to mention those things.

"Noise walls have become small... well feeble or not - they all count..." [Social Drift]

I have absorbed noises physically and mentally and emotionally and [mayhaps] spiritually ... experientially, monumentally, figuratively and hypothetically, hylozoistically - I have absored the immersion it brings, and immersed, then, in the absorption. Noise is energetic, destructive and creative at once. The static and cold and changeless HNW is rife with the cliche purism, elitism, self-irony aggrandising: punish the creative will for the sake of ideas. Contradiction, conspiracy.

I asked some more people about my musique/muzak/musick/muziq :::

"This song is the sounds of travelling near the speed of light inside a spacecraft." [ Conbad tha Magnifi$ent ] [on 'Pulsating Veins (within) / (the) Fourth Dimension' - on Soundcloud]

"The castration of Apollo distorts the mathematics of sound."

Monolithic endings. Ritualistic tendencies.


released October 31, 2013

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A Raja's Mesh Men London, UK

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