The Fifty Abysmal Hexes of Altar Blood

by A Raja's Mesh Men

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This recording is quite an old track which I made solely to go up on Soundcloud. I later took it down to make room for newer recordings. I'm putting it up here mainly for archival purposes.

Present in the track you can discover some experimenting with incredibly dynamic, and instrumental, noise - using a semi-acoustic guitar as source in places, and FX pedal manipulations utilising feedback to completely obscure tonal sounds in other places - often the input source remains guitar but overlaying through the use of long (and held) delay results in a wash of noise (approaching "wall noise") which smothers the source.

This track is the very first experiment I made using guitar as source for this noise project. While the track doesn't predate my ambient drone guitar project, it predates a "harshgaze" direction I would later take the project in and could be considered the very initial sounding out for that direction. In 2014 I fully realised that direction with this release:

I would later take this 'harshgaze' direction full-circle back to my noise project in the grips of an obsession with the collision of drone music and HNW - resulting in roughly 90-minutes worth of a "harshgaze noise wall", in a collaboration between my 'Echoes...Leytonstone' project and the Newcastle-based 'Distorted Souls Within A Corrupt Vision'. To date that release hasn't been published anywhere but nebulous plans still float around.

The track is roughly dated to around 11th November 2013 as this is the date on the image file for the original artwork which appeared alongside it on soundcloud, and I made the artwork around the same period as making the track. The artwork for this archival release takes that original image as its starting point but has undergone a thorough process of editing.


released October 10, 2016



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A Raja's Mesh Men London, UK

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